The Design Process


Complete landscape architectural services are available through coordination with allied professionals,
when necessary, to meet all your residential landscape needs.
Preliminary Design Idea Sketches
Start with an on-site consultation to discuss your needs and how your
property could be improved to meet those needs. Considerations will
incorporate personal taste and budget.

Next, a series of preliminary sketches will be developed to explore design options.These will be reviewed with the Client to focus inĀ on an optimal plan.

Design Ideas

Selected sketches will then be incorporated into a preliminary plan for
part of the site or a preliminary master plan for the entire property.
Site planning and grading services are available.

This may be done in
coordination with your architect or building contractor.
A masterĀ plan or site plan will guide development.
After completing preliminary plans, detailed plans will be
developed. These could include planting plans and working
drawings for structural elements, such as stairs, walls, patios,
walks, drives, decks, arbors, fences, gates, etc.
Finally, during the construction phase, job supervision will be
available. This includes on-site work with grading, building,
irrigation, lighting and landscape contractors to faithfully carry
your plans to fruition.